TommyLeeRVSpartaTommy Lee Sparta has been having one of the worse weeks of his career.

Last weekend the “Uncle Demon” deejay got the shock of his life when only 9 patrons turned up for his highly publicized concert in Trinidad & Tobago.

The deejay has not been seen or heard from the since the incident.

Tommy Lee has also been receiving some bad press this week after his fans criticised him calling him confused for releasing the single “Captain Sparta.”

According to the Flankers deejay, the single was release for children, where he made mentions of popular kids cartoon characters including Tom & Jerry, Dora The Explorer, Sponge Bob and more.
I am not confused,” Tommy lee said. “I don’t care what people say I am just doing music.”

The track is a striking difference from Tommy Lee’s gothic themed music, according to his fans.

Listen to the track below.