DJ MAGA’s “Memory Lane Vol 1” is and old school reggae and dancehall mix time machine. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Take a remarkable journey down the same memorable lane that built todays reggae and dancehall foundation with the latest Music Narrative. The road #BackToTheRoots is not to be travelled lightly… The dance must continue.
Intro (Beenie Man and Buju Banton Speaks)
God Of My Salvation – Buju Banton
Put Down Your Weapon – Capelton (African Beat Riddim)
Love Sponge – Buju Banton (African Beat Riddim)
Girl U Know – Buju Banton
Bonafide Love – Buju Banton Ft Wayne Wonder
Feeling Lonely – Beres Hammond ft Mad Cobra (Feeling Soul Riddim)
Love Me Browning – Buju Banton (Feeling Soul Riddim)
Love Black Woman – Buju Banton (Feeling Soul Riddim)
Buju Love You To The Max – Buju Banton
Wicked Inna Bed – Shabba Ranks
Girls Wine – Shabba Ranks
Move You Body – Buju Banton
Bubblers – Junior Reid
The Grudge – Buju Banton
Woman No Fret – Buju Banton
Critics – Capleton
Foundation From Birth – Louie Culture (Handle The Ride Riddim)
Give Them The Ride – Sizzla (Handle The Ride Riddim)
Jah Never Let Us Down – Tony Rebel (Handle The Ride Riddim)
Handle The Ride – Tanya Stevens (Handle The Ride Riddim)
One In a Million – Sanchez (College Rock Riddim)
Live On – Beres Hammond & Marcia Griffith (College Rock Riddim)
Movin – Buju Banton (College Rock Riddim)
Mr Luxury – Ronnie Thwaites (Real Rock Riddim)
Fail Yuh Yet – Red Dragon (Real Rock Riddim)
Moddelling – Reggie Stepper (Real Rock Riddim)
Roots Reality & Culture – Bounty Killer (Real Rock Riddim)
No Ice Scream Sound – Johnny Osbourne (Real Rock Riddim)
Sound Boy Killing – Mega Banton (Real Rock Riddim)
Dust A Sound Boy – Super Beagle (Stalag Riddim)
No Respect – Buju Banton
Fire Pon A Weak Heart – Bushman
Bandelero – Pinchers
Hey Hey – Burro Banton (Street Sweeper Riddim)
Final Assassin (On a Mission) – Capleton (Street Sweeper Riddim)
Haffi Get Da Gal Yah – Mr. Vegas ft Sean Paul (Street Sweeper Riddim)
Strategy – Sean Paul (Medina Riddim)
Trespass – Sean Paul (Medina Riddim)
Infiltrate – Sean Paul (Playground Riddim)
Nike Air – Mr. Vegas (Playground Riddim)
Who Am I – Beenie Man (Playground Riddim)
Good in her Clothes – Capleton
Call Me On The Phone – Capleton (Boom Blast Riddim)
Bun Out Di Chi Chi – Capleton (Boom Blast Riddim)
Want It Tonight – Shabba Ranks And Lady Saw
Ring Pon Finga – Beenie Man (Latino Boasy Gal Riddim)
Crazy Looks – Capleton (Latino Boasy Gal Riddim)
Be My Love Tonight – Buju Banton (Latino Boasy Gal Riddim)
A Gal A Chat – Mad Cobra (Hot Wax Riddim)
Stop Live In A De Pass (Memories) – Beenie Man (Hot Wax Riddim)
Blood Bath – Bounty Killer (Hot Wax Riddim)
Eagle and Di Hawk – Bounty Killa (Showtime Riddim)
Hypocrite – Beenie Man (Showtime Riddim)
Suck Yu Muma – Baby Cham (Showtime Riddim)
Live Comfortable – Baby Cham (Showtime Riddim)
Hottie Gal – Frisco Kid (Showtime Riddim)
Bashment Party – Franky Sly & Redd Foxx (Showtime Riddim)
Naah Watch Nuttn – Beenie Man (Bada Bada Bada Riddim)
Drunken Wispy – Mr Vegas (Bada Bada Bada Riddim)
The Bounce – Devonte (Bada Bada Bada Riddim)
Oppurtunity – Buju Banton (Kiki Riddim)
Disrespect – Sean Paul (Kiki Riddim)
Next Generation – Beenie Man (Headache Riddim)
Headache – Elephant Man (Headache Riddim)
Crazy Notion – Beenie Man (Headache Riddim)
Hunt You – Capelton (Hurricane Riddim)
Your Bad Luck – Beenie Man (Hurricane Riddim)
Badman Nuh Get Gal – Alozade Ft. Chico, Kiprich (Hurricane Riddim)
Badman Nah Run Back Nuh Gal – Elephant Man & Harry Toddler (Taranchyla Riddim)
Superman – General D (Taranchyla Riddim)
Tell me – Beenie Man (Taranchyla Riddim)
World Gone Mad – Beenie Man (Grass Cyaat Riddim)
Miss Uku Bit – Elephant Man (Grass Cyaat Riddim)
No Pay – Lady Saw (Grass Cyaat Riddim)
Teacher Teacher – Red Rat (Grass Cyaat Riddim)
Love Dem Bad – Buju Banton & Red Rat
Buff Bay – Goofy (Mad Lion Riddim)
Tight Up Skirt – Red Rat (Mad Lion Riddim)
Party In Session – Bennie Man & Mr. Vegas, Buju Banton, Ky-Mani Marley
Wine – Ghost And Tony Curtis (Fig Leaf Riddim)
Second Place – Buccaneer (Fig Leaf Riddim)
Dwayne – Red Rat (Fig Leaf Riddim)
Always Be My Baby – Beenie Man (Broke Bottle Riddim)
Wave – Mr Vegas (Broke Bottle Riddim)
Can I Get A F You – Baby Cham (Bruk Out Riddim)
Boom Tune – Baby Cham (Bruk Out RIddim)
Caan Believe Mi Eyes – Bounty Killer (Bruk Out RIddim)
War – Mad Cobra (Bruk Out Riddim)
Let Your Concience Set You Free – Wayne Wonder (Bruk Out RIddim)
Take Me Away – Richie Stephens (Sail Away Riddim)
Fit and Legit – Sean Paul (Sail Away Riddim)
Bad Man Nuh Flee – Beenie Man (Sail Away Riddim)
Do You Wanna Dis – Beenie Man (Up Close And Personal Riddim)
Up Close And Personal – Buju Banton (Up Close And Personal Riddim)
Nah Get No Bligh – Sean Paul (Up Close And Personal Riddim)
Everyone Falls in Love Sometimes – Tanto Metro & Devonte (Up Close And Personal Riddim)
No Long Talking – Lady Saw (Damsel Pandamonium Riddim)
Ole Wukka – Lady Saw (Damsel Pandamonium Riddim)
Damsel Ship – Beenie Man (Damsel Pandamonium Riddim)
Yaw Yaw – Beenie Man (Yaw Yaw Riddim)
Shorty – Lady Saw (Yaw Yaw Riddim)
Drop it Like it Hot – Lexxus (Whooo Riddim)
The Doctor – Beenie Man (Whooo Riddim)
Kingston Hot – Beenie Man (Unda Wata Riddim)
Di Woman Dem Fat – Beenie Man (Unda Wata Riddim)
Sucky Ducky – Mr.Vegas (Unda Wata Riddim)
Big Phat Fish – Machel Montano (Unda Wata Riddim)


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