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Title: SXM Strong
Artiste: Gavin Kash
Genre: Dancehall
Label: Kashnote Records
Beat By OGE Beats

Gavin Kash releases SXM Strong song for SXM Day
Yesterday, Wednesday, November 9, local artist Gavin Kash released his new single SXM Strong, just in time for St. Martin / St. Maarten Day. Kash says he created the song to celebrate the island and give back to the community. He urges everyone to include his song in their St. Martin / St. Maarten Day celebrations!
“This song was created for everyone, mostly for the people of St Maarten, but also for those who are visiting St. Maarten,” the artist says. Kash loves to make music that everyone can relate to. “I tried to focus on the beauty of St. Maarten instead of on our history, because St. Maarten depends upon tourism. It’s a joy and a pleasure to know I can create a song like this.”
That is why Kash is asking the people of St. Maarten to ac- knowledge this song and support him by including it in their St. Martin / St. Maarten Day celebrations and sharing it on social media.
“Creating a song for St. Maarten is something I always wanted to do. I wanted to give back to the community of St. Maarten musically. As the elders would say, ‘Nothing happens be- fore its time’ – and that time is now. Let’s make it a big thing. Radio Stations, DJs, don’t be afraid to play this one. I have already played my part by creating this song. So now it’s your turn.” Kash finds inspiration in his daily life: “Most of the time, my inspiration comes in naturally from the Most High, who gives me the strength to persevere. I tend to focus on music a lot, so many times during the day; I will find myself singing a new song not only a new song, but also a song of joy. Most times, those songs are based upon my daily surroundings and day to day situations in our community.”
The title “SXM Strong” was inspired by the is- land’s resilience after Hurricane Irma. Kash continues, “If you listen carefully, you’ll hear me sing about the island breeze and island trees, but I chose the name ‘SXM Strong’ to remember the days after Hurricane Irma and to remind us that we can recover and rebuild, standing strong to celebrate another St. Martin / St. Maarten Day. Words like SXM Strong represent our nation.” “SXM Strong” was released on all platforms on Wednesday, November 9. You can stream and/or download the song on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and iTunes.

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