Ikaya have been through a tough year in her personal life. But she is not afraid to her story in her new hit single “Ugly Girl”. It was inspired by Ikaya’s recent split from her boyfriend. She said she had no problem going public with her personal life.

“It’s reality, wha’ happen everyday. Even men will tell you it happen to dem.

“When I talk of ugly, I’m not just dealing with the physical but a person’s character. It’s also about you thinking you know a person an’ you really dont,” she said.

Ugly Girl is produced by Clive Hunt and was released in October. Ugly Girl is the follow-up to the self-produced Bang Bang which takes on the issue of domestic violence.

Ikaya hopes Ugly Girl and Bang Bang will open women’s eyes, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart.
“If I can use my personal experience to help others, why not?”