Dancehall Macarena” Is The first official jamaican dancehall line dance. The dance came about after the Strip Club beat was introduce to jamaican born, Los Angeles living dancehall/reggae artist jay-5 by Christopher Foster (Crazy Chris-The Party Minister). The first thing jay-5 said was “This beat sounds like the Macarena” . The party minister told Jay5 since everyone else has the same type lyrics on the beat we should make a dancing song and that’s how we came up with “Dancehall Macarena” Contact was made with the “Strip Club Riddim” Producer K Flow – HotBoxxx Ent. who gave the go ahead to use the beat and even mix and mastered the song. Jay-5 contacted Betty Rox internationally known Los Angeles Dancer and choreographer and told her ” I have a new dance song I want to make “Dancehall Macarena, is it possible for you and Crazy Chris (The Party Minister) to meet and come up with a dance? Betty Rox took on this project and made arrangements for all rehearsals. Jay-5 had session with Betty Rox where she added moves and couple dancers names that was used for the lyrical content of This song. The Dance is a remix of the original Macarena, with a fusion of dancehall moves. Betty premiere the moves on previous trip to Belize with some of her dancers and it caught the eyes of thousands on social media within 24hrs. Jay-5 decided he wanted a shorter version – Easier for the less advance dancers, after one more session of practice and throwing around ideas between Betty and Chris, this is now the official dancehall Macarena.