Acclaimed Jamaican roots reggae virtuoso Prezident Brown ignites the reggae scene with his latest hit, “Boy Baby,” available worldwide on September 30, 2014 from Tad’s Record. Born Fitz Cotterell in Clarendon, Jamaica, Prezident Brown embarked on his musical journey over three decades ago and has since transcended international borders to bring his brand of socially-conscious messages, packaged through sweet reggae music, to the global audience.

“Boy Baby” is a smooth, melodic gem that showcases a more personal side of Prezident Brown and perfectly illustrates his brand of lover’s rock. This surprising turn and welcomed take on lover’s rock from the roots reggae impresario is bound to thrill reggae fans. “This time around, I hope to bring the best of my love to the fans,” states Prezident Brown. “This song is about making love while the rain is falling and procreating a son, a boy baby.” The song is the first release from Prezident Brown’s highly-anticipated new album, slated for release from Tad’s Record.

Title: Boy Baby
Artiste: Prezident Brown
Genre: Reggae
Label: Tad’s Records