Jussbuss Acoustic – Episode 8 – Season 3 Starring Prohgres

SONGS: Memory Lane, Energy Drainer, Strength, One Day & Nuh Too Friendly Friendly
Band: Bebble Rockers
Host: Rachelle Thompson & Andrew Jackson
Executive Producers: Jussbuss Television
Producers: Johnathan Newman, Pierce McLean, Andrew Jackson & Tiffany Lewis
Editors: Pierce McLean & Andrew Jackson
Lights: Pictoris Creative
Sound Recording Engineer: John Fenton
Assistant Engineer: Pierce Mclean
Mixing: John Fenton & Pierce McLean
Production Crew: Rand Francis, Johnathan Newman, Andrew Jackson, Joe Fenton, Kerrin McLean, Dave Hall, Biggz, Rachelle Yap
Clothing By: Storm cut clothing & Fierce By Dre Clothing
Make-Up: Danielle Francis, Micha Bucknor & Tiffany Lewis
Location: Skyline
Directors: Pierce McLean, Andrew Jackson & Johnathan Newman
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