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Morgan Heritage’s “Put It On Me” Is a Summer Scorcher

Summer is sizzlin’ and so is Morgan Heritage‘s sultry single “Put it on Me.” Once again, the powerhouse group has wowed listeners with beautiful music. Undeniably a hit among Reggae music fans, “Put it on Me” showcases Morgan Heritage in another light. Namely, the song demonstrates a sensual, personal side of the family band, which is driving listeners wild. The song, produced by Shane C. Brown for Juke Boxx Records, in conjunction with CTBC Music, has garnered worldwide media attention, so much so that the group has been invited to perform the steamy song, along with other favorites, live at the Sirius/XM studios in Manhattan in August.

“We wanted to show another side of our group, which we had never done before,” says Morgan Heritage.
“We are real people who love what all people love ….the basic things in life. Love & passion is a major part of ALL relationships,” the group adds.

The provocative, yet subtle “Put it on Me” single sets a joyful mood. From the moment the one drop melody kicks in, “Put it on Me” is a certified winner. An ode to their significant others, “Put it on Me” appeals to both males and females. Adding to the songs incredible buzz is the even cuter video, which features warming scenes of each member with their significant other. The scenes playfully demonstrate just how and why their mates “put it on them.” This Morgan Heritage/Shane C. Brown combo will continue to prosper.

“OOOO Feel it in the morning, yeah you got me feel it in the evening, its just the way you put the goodie on me OOO makes me want it all the time.”

From Petah’s sweet opening vocals to the raspy soul entrenched voice of Gramps Morgan, “Put it on Me” melts hearts. Currently, “Put it on Me” is making a splash internationally, scoring airplay on BBC and other major radio stations. Morgan Heritage‘s “IJAM Reggae American” summer tour is a force to be reckoned with, landing the band a bevy of festival, theater style and intimate performances in key U.S. cities. For over 20 years, Morgan Heritage has been winning hearts with their harmonious Roots Rock Reggae brand. Japanese fans are highly anticipating their performance at the famed Yokohama Reggae SAI (Might Crown stadium show), which is set to draw upwards of 40,000 people.

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