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Alkaline Releases Latest Single “Motivation”

by prezzi

Alkaline has treated his fans to some uplifting music with his latest single, “Motivation.” The Jamaican artist has been steadily releasing new music since the start of the year, with “Motivation” following hot on the heels of his recent collaboration with Autobamb Records and Sart Out Records on the track “Boss.”

“Feel the pressure man a beat is like a sledge a never me dat a the pledge/ Concentrate and hold the faith hold up yo head, no mek nutten drive yo to the edge/ Must deh have a light in a di tunnel, No matter how it hard and weightier than a dumbbell,” Alkaline deejays over an infectious beat. “Attaining, achieving prevailing like like when light illuminate a success we a radiate.”

Fans of Vendetta have been quick to praise the new release, with many saying that it’s exactly what they need during these challenging times. Alkaline’s inspiring messages and motivational lyrics have resonated with listeners, with one fan writing, “Alkaline giving us lots of motivation and inspiring messages in this one as always he never disappoints.”

The artist is currently working on his third album, which is expected to drop later this year. While details about the project remain under wraps, sources close to Alkaline’s production team have indicated that it could hit streaming services as early as summer 2023. In addition to his music career, Alkaline has also made waves in the world of modeling, with an upcoming appearance on Givenchy’s runway and ad campaign.

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