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Ninja Man
Iconic dancehall artiste Ninja Man says he had no problem with D’Angel hijacking his performance at Sting 30.

According to the deejay, any recording artiste who wants to propel their career to the next level are free to hijack his set. He also says he does not support the move by Sting’s organisers to ban D’Angel and Sizzla for their behaviour on the show.

“I wasn’t surprised when D’Angel came on stage and I had no problem with it. Every artiste needs a break in life and I don’t have a problem with artistes coming into my set,” said Ninja.

According to Ninja Man, he was the closest to D’Angel during her leg-spreading stunt and he did not see anything inappropriate enough for her to be banned from Sting.

“D’Angel never show her private part and I was close there, suh mi know wey mi a sey. I saw Foxy Brown come here and show panty and bra and dem never ban her. Foreigners come here and cuss bad word and dem don’t get banned,” Ninja Man said.

The Downsound recording artiste says D’Angel has endured a lot of pressure in the music business and deserves a break from all the persons who have been seeking to derail the progress of her career.

“D’Angel, likkle girl just stand up and face the Gideon. All of us have to go through trials and tribulations. Jesus never duh nobody nothing and a cross dem nail him pon, so just hold the faith and don’t give up. Mi bring peace guh Mall Road and a murderer dem call mi. Mi nuh like dem something deh when dem ban artistes,” Ninja Man said.

“A nuff pressure D’Angel guh through and dem fi give har a break now, a somebody pickney to, a nuff time dem put har through hell and still a try put hole inna har coffin, dem fi lowe har,” he said.

The outspoken deejay also commented on Sizzla’s ban from Sting, stating that the organisers already knew what type of person Sizzla was and should not have booked him for the show if they intended to sensor him.

Macka Diamond also told The STAR that she was not in support of the ban on D’Angel and Sizzla. She says the situation is unfortunate and both artistes should continue to be strong.

Sizzla was recently nominated for his first Grammy Award, while D’Angel recently released a music video for her single called March Out. Ninja Man, on the other hand, is gearing up to appear in an up-and-coming movie called Scotch Bonnet featuring Teddy Bruckshut.

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