With his new-found success, dancehall artiste Dexta Daps is seeking to remedy the malicious work of scammers who have been plaguing his career. According to his manager According to Craig Harrisingh of Daseca Productions, unscrupulous individuals have set up fake social media pages and have been scamming people’s money for dub plates and deposits for shows.

He continued, “Dexta Daps does not conduct any business via social media. All Dexta Dap’s Business is done through DASECA Productions. This Scam has been going on for over a month and they have started to include Tifa in their scamming deal. They are now telling promoters that they can get Dexta Daps and Tifa as a package at a ridiculous price. Daseca Productions is the sole booking agent for Dexta Daps, and Solid Agency handles all of Tifa’s bookings.”

Both Tifa and Dexta Daps have since made posts on their social media informing the public of the scam.

Meanwhile, Jealous Ova continues to do well having debuted at number 17 on Ernie B’s Top 20 reggae chart in the UK which airs on Capital Extra, a mainstream R&B/hip-hop station in the UK.

The Daseca-produced single has been impacting radio over the past few months, and the accompanying music video, which was directed by Short Films Ja and shot on location at Lime Cay, has been getting online views and airplay.

In a release sent to THE STAR, both artistes were pleased with the song’s success.

“It’s an awesome feeling. I’m happy and elated,” said Tifa.

Dexta Daps added, “Jealous Ova is doing amazing right now. It definitely seems to be one of the ladies’ favourite. Everywhere I go and perform it, the reception is crazy, not to mention when Tifa and I perform it together as you can see at the Bugle and friends show. The song is doing exceptionally well in the UK. It’s on the charts over there and I give thanks for that.”

In addition to Jealous Ova, Tifa has other songs in rotation such as One Time, Mi Sumn Good and Sad Bad with Chino McGregor.

Dexta Daps, on the other hand, has been making massive waves with popular songs like Morning Love and 7 Eleven.